D’un château l’autre. Nick J. Swarth

‘Conversation Piece’L'un chateau l' autre-1_300dpi (2)


L'un chateau l' autre-2_300dpi

L'un chateau l' autre-3_300dpi

L'un chateau l' autre-4_300dpi (2)

The title of the piece (‘D’un château l’autre’) refers to the novel by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, in which he describes his life during and after the Second World War. The barren landscape reminiscent of the war links with Trump’s views on climate change. His political attitude c.q. pathological narcism gets nobody nowhere, which is proven day by day.

Nick J. Swarth aka Störsender aka Janine Ensslin is a poet, performer and visual artist from the Netherlands, as well as the voice & noise of queer rockers Betonfraktion.

Nick J. Swarth_240dpi (2)