D’un château l’autre. Nick J. Swarth

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The title of the piece (‘D’un château l’autre’) refers to the novel by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, in which he describes his life during and after the Second World War. The barren landscape reminiscent of the war links with Trump’s views on climate change. His political attitude c.q. pathological narcism gets nobody nowhere, which is proven day by day.

Nick J. Swarth aka Störsender aka Janine Ensslin is a poet, performer and visual artist from the Netherlands, as well as the voice & noise of queer rockers Betonfraktion.

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Call for contributions

Call for contributions
Theme: Climate change & Donald Trump

Contributions accepted from 1 June to 31 August 2017

“The very feeling of wondering whether the catastrophe will begin soon is a symptom of its already having begun.” (Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects)

Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change has disastrous consequences for our planet. It is a gesture with a very clear message – Donald Trump and his supporters want to put America first but at the cost of the planet. It is time to react against Trump’s ignorance and anti-intellectualism by writing about the impact of climate change on our planet. The reaction against Trump can take on various forms, for example, by making artworks on the impact of droughts, writing poems about the effects of industries on the environment, composing of music representing the lifetime of nuclear materials, writing creative essays on the threats of plastics on marine life, and so forth. In solidarity with the French President Emmanuel Marcon, we need to emphasise the many ways we share the responsibility to “make our planet great again.”
We accept a variety of contributions including:

• poems and short stories
• essays (academic or other)
• interviews
• photographs and artworks (only high quality, at least 1mb)

Please include a short (single sentence) biography and photo of the author to be published on guillotine.blog. You are welcome to forward this submission request to other possible candidates.

Send your contribution for review to Alwyn Roux guillotinemagazine@gmail.com


Oproep om bydraes
Tema: Klimaatsverandering & Donald Trump

“The very feeling of wondering whether the catastrophe will begin soon is a symptom of its already having begun.” (Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects)

Donald Trump se besluit om die Verenigde State uit die Paryse ooreenkoms oor klimaatsverandering te onttrek het verreikende gevolge vir die planeet. Dit is ‘n gebaar met ‘n baie duidelike boodskap – Donald Trump en sy ondersteuners wil Amerika eerste stel, maar ten koste van die planeet. Dit het tyd geword om teen die onbedagsaamheid en anti-intellektualisme van Trump op te tree deur te skryf oor die impak van klimaatsverandering op die planeet. Die reaksie kan verskillende vorms aanneem, byvoorbeeld deur die maak van kunswerke oor die impak van droogtes, die skryf van gedigte oor die uitwerking van industrieë op die omgewing, die komponering van musiek oor die leeftyd van kernafval, die skryf oor die gevare van plastiek vir die seelewe, ensomeer. Stuur jou bydrae aan guillotinemagazine@gmail.com. In solidariteit met die Franse president Emmanuel Marcon, is dit nodig om die verskillende maniere te beklemtoon waarop die verantwoordelikheid by ons berus om “die planeet weer eerste te stel.” Ons aanvaar verskeie bydraes wat insluit:

• gedigte en kortverhale
• essays (akademies of ander)
• onderhoude
• foto’s en kunswerke (slegs hoë kwaliteit, ongeveer1mb)

Sluit asb. ‘n kort (een sin) biografie en foto van die outeur in om op guillotine.blog gepubliseer te word. Jy is welkom om die oproep om bydraes aan ander moontlike kandidate aan te stuur.

Stuur jou bydrae aan Alwyn Roux