Rain queen. Lazola Pambo

At first I thought
it was only a myth,
too absurd
to be celebrated
as legend.
Three consecutive weeks,
we had a dry white season
in our village

Our crop was dead
we saw zig-zag cracks,
cutting through the ground
the elders called
a meeting
in that blistering heat

“We need to call,
the Rain Queen,”
I heard them say
they must have met her
for it didn’t take days
nor three more weeks
as heavy rain showers
came pouring down!

Laz at SAQA Pic

Lazola Pambo is a South African poet, novelist and essayist, holding a BA in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa. His work has been published in New Contrast, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The Criterion, Ons Klyntji, LitNet, 2014-2016 Sol Plaatje European Union Anthology, and Gemini Magazine. Follow him on Twitter: @LPambo.

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